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Coronavirus or COVID-19 has been wreaking havoc in people’s lives all over the world. People are dying in thousands every day with local and international media pumping more and more fear into people’s minds. Social media is being overwhelmed with natural therapies to boost the immune system and claiming cures for Coronavirus. Nothing seems to be working as more and more people are ending up in emergency rooms and every day thousands are dying all over the world with numbers increasing every day.

Scientists, doctors, biochemists, and pharmaceutical companies are racing to find a cure while many companies are claiming to have found the vaccine but saying that it will take up to 18 months for the vaccine to be made available for the public.

So looking at the above what can be done to protect oneself in the first place? Besides following the advice of the medical community we can help you protect yourself using our healing system. Here we will explain to you the basics of energy healing in the most scientific way.

Coming back to our bodies, we are made up of energy from gross to subtle and positive to negative. If we take good care of ourselves by following a strict discipline we stay strong and our bodies work at optimum levels and are able to fight the disease. On the other hand, when we go against nature and eat unhealthy foods or live our lives recklessly we risk our wellbeing. Video Player00:0006:16

First, watch this video on how the COVID-19 coronavirus spreads.

When someone sneezes near another person, the moment droplets enter their energy field, the electrical energy of the droplets/virus will be weakened by the strong electrical energy of the auric shield protecting the body just like the ozone layer protects the Earth from the harmful rays of the Sun.



The universe has given our bodies all the tools to protect our bodies from being harmed by viruses, bacteria, and other alien electromagnetic energies. Our bodies are covered with an energy shield called the aura. The Aura is the entry point of all diseases whether the disease is vibrational or gross. If one’s Aura is strong and healthy as shown in the picture, it is hard for viruses and corrupted electromagnetic energy to penetrate into the body.

However, if one’s Aura is weak, has holes, or already has dark patches, one becomes vulnerable to these corrupted energies. Vibrational diseases can be filtered at the entry point by the auric shield while gross diseases are dealt with by our immune system once they enter the body. Even if a virus-like COVID-19 enters the body despite the host having a strong auric shield, it will take a few days to override the body’s immune system. In a nutshell, we have a window of a couple of days where the healer can detect the effects of the virus in the initial stages and diffuse it energetically before it can load the immune system.

The majority of the healing system like Reiki, Pranic Healing, Energy Medicine, etc work on the energy/vibrational levels and correct issues related to the energy field, aura, and chakras. There is another form of healing called spirit healing and these spirit healers have the potential to go beyond the above system based on their expertise in the field of spirit healing.

Since 2010 our group of spirit healers have been successfully treating severe cases of black magic and have eradicated tumors, cancers, bipolar disorders and have normalized peoples’ lives while bringing victims out from the trap of black magicians.

Ever since this COVID-19 or Coronavirus issue started our healers have been researching into it and have successfully created a plan to weaken & block the negative electromagnetic energy of the virus in the very first stage and diffuse its effects from taking over the body’s pulmonary system. Once you opt for our system, we will shield you and keep track of your pulmonary system on a regular basis. Please note that we are not claiming any cures or treatments if you are infected or get infected.

We are offering this protection service on a first come first serve basis as we have a limit and we cannot handle more than 30 people. If you are interested, take the first step and get an evaluation done of your body. Even if you decide not to avail of our services, the evaluation of our healer will provide you with deeper insight into the current condition of your body. You will need to submit a full length close up picture of your body and a close up of your face where the eyes can be clearly seen. Before you decide to opt for our service you will be provided with an evaluation report which will explain the current state of your body.


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