We had been helping people since 2010 from all parts of the world and have successfully treated serious cases of Black Magic or Witchcraft, Schizophrenia and Bi-Polar disorder, Phobias, eating disorders and other issues that the medical science has not been able to resolve. We offer professional healing services with the help of our healers, who have dedicated their lives to this risky & life threatening profession of helping individuals, who have been victimized by black magic, witchcraft, spell work or other spirit world related issues. Our 24/7 distant healing service is offered to you at affordable monthly fee to rescue you from the dark world of black magic.

Our system is very different compared to other healers who do a onetime healing compared to our healing that is done on a 24/7 basis. There are no procedures or amulets to wear, our healers works with the divine spirits from the spirit world and will assign an exclusive spirit on you that will stay with you as a healing bodyguard and remove layers and layers of past black magic and will remove the ongoing one on a continuous basis, once the healing spirit is assigned on you, it is only removed by the healer when you decide to stop the healing.

It is a defensive form of divine healing: our healers do not fight with your enemy or reverse any black magic that is sent to you. All work is done distantly by the healers. Our healing also involves taking few precautions and doing few therapies at your end, these precautions and therapies promote escalated healing when followed religiously.

Please note that our healing system is not for people who are impatient, want revenge from their enemies, want to know who their enemies are or want instant & permanent cure.

Even though you have come to the right place, you will need to understand our system and our expertise in healing as time goes by. No one out there has a magic wand that can take care of this issue overnight in a permanent way. This will only happen when our politicians wake up and make laws to ban the practice of witchcraft as they have done in some of the middle eastern countries where the punishment is death for anybody who ventures with dark energies.

The best way to describe our system is: in few weeks/months you will have 50-70% relief on an ongoing basis even if your enemies are persistent and continue their evil work against you.

Services Provided:

  • Distant healing for Basic to Serious/Deadly Black Magic, Witchcraft or Spell work
  • Distant Healing/Treatment for Schizophrenia and Bi-Polar Disorder
  • Distant Healing/Treatment for Depression & Mental disorders
  • Distant Healing/Treatment for Cancer & Breast Cancer
  • Distant Healing/Treatment for Liver & Kidney diseases
  • Distant Healing/Treatment for Paralysis
  • Distant Healing/Treatment for Skin diseases including Hyperpigmentation

Face to Face Healing performed in Asia

  • Exorcism (Cannot and should not be done remotely/distantly, the victim must be present in front of the healer)
  • Removal of “Ash of the Dead” (Must be done in person, sitting face to face with the healer)
  • Removal of Voodoo Spell (Done in person)

Fees: are based on the severity of the case. The fee must be paid in advance, before we start the healing service on you.

REFUNDS: We offer a 5 day money back guarantee on Non-Serious cases, if within 5 days you do not feel that you are being healed or you would like to opt out of our healing for any other reason, let us know and we will refund your money. A $25 processing fee will be deducted from all refunds. After 5 days, we prorate the healing and refund the future balance that we owe you, you only pay for the days you have been on our healing services.

Waiting, thinking or hoping for some miracle to happen will not help, the more you delay this issue, the further you will go down in this quick sand of the evil world. The very first step you need to take is, to know- whether you are a victim of the spirit world or not.  Click Here to get evaluated now.

Our Policies, Terms & Conditions and Refund Policy

Mandatory Legal Notice: The following is the mandatory Legal Notice required for all types of alternative healing services. Rest assured that our services are very professional and all clients get top-notch remote transformational healing sessions.

The alternative approaches to wellness presented by here may or may not be recognized by the medical community or be well researched as to their effectiveness. We make no guarantees regarding the effectiveness or safety of these alternative approaches. These approaches are not intended to replace medical diagnosis and treatment. By purchasing these services, you agree that you have read and understood their associated disclaimers.

You also agree that the decision to try alternative approaches to wellness is solely your own decision. You agree to hold us and our associates harmless of any and all liability for any distress that might result from your decision to participate in any wellness program offered or made known to you by us.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

Transformational Sessions are not a substitute for professional medical/psychological care.  By viewing this website, you agree to take full responsibility for your actions, holding us harmless from any decisions you might make concerning the material and services presented on this site.

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How Much we Charge?: Our fees are from month to month. Our healing fee must be paid in advance before any service is provided to you.

Our Refund Policy: We give a 5-day money-back guarantee on our basic healing services for non-serious cases only, if within 5 days you do not understand our system and feel that our healing is not working for you or you become impatient and want instant & permanent relief, let us know and we will refund your money. In case you have paid by Credit Card the money will be refunded back to your card, A $25 processing fee will be charged to all credit card refunds. If you have paid by Western Union or Bank Transfer: The cost of sending the money back to you would be deducted from your refund.

Liability Waiver: The Distance healing services offered by Energy Medicine.  However, the services offered by us are not connected with traditional medicine as practiced by most western medical doctors and hospitals.  It is an entirely separate discipline concerned with the correction of energy fields, and with balancing the CHAKRAS or bio-electric frequencies of the human system.

You agree to undergo the remote spiritual healing at your own risk. You further indemnify and hold harmless and/or his healers and heirs from any and all results of Spiritual Distance Healing therapy or any other modality that you receive from Healing program, including supporting suggestions and therapies; yogic, alternative healing systems like Homeopathy & Ayurveda. or its personnel do not diagnose, treat, prescribe, advise or claim to cure any disease as they are not Medical Doctor’s or Physicians.